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Artemis by Andy Weir | Review

domenica 11 marzo 2018

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Artemis, Andy Weir

Jasmine “Jazz” Bashara grewn up on the Moon in its only city: Artemis. She works as a porter and in the black market in Artemis but she dreams to be part of the EVA (Extra Veicular Activity) Guild. One day she gets an offer about a job that might be very illegal but well paid and she needs money desperately.

The idea of a city on the Moon is very fascinating to me. The author was brilliant to bring up an hypothetical spatial city rich in details: it was very unique and real to me. Andy Weir studied everything and cared to make a perfect location in terms of science, technology and chemistry, in a way that is understandable to everyone. The story is full of descriptions and details from the architecture to the food making it authentic. This book is a continuous surprise, dynamic and has plentiful plot-twists. I really appreciated the characters because of their diversity. Jazz is a young Saudi Arabia woman with a strong personality, everybody tells her to not waist her potential but she doesn’t care about it, she wants to be independent and free, living on her city on the Moon. I was impressed by Svoboda who is talented, pure, cute and funny, even though the minor characters are not as much described as the main one. He loves his job, he’s kind of a weird nerd but he’s an extremely kind guy. The story is also narrated through letters/messagges between Jazz and her terrestrial pen friend and I really enjoyed that because it explains more of the personality of the main character and we can understand a bit more about the politics on Earth and on Moon.
Artemis is a great book full of action and entertainment, if you like sci-fi literature then you’re going to love it.

I received a copy from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review

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