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5 facts you should know about me

lunedì 5 marzo 2018

I think it’s the best way to start a new blog, isn’t it? First things first: who am I? I’m Donatella, a cat-lady in her twenties who loves reading with a hot cup of tea.

This is my first post in English, in fact I have a YouTube channel and a blog about lifestyle and books in Italian, which is my mother tongue. I want to try something new and I want to improve my English which is a little odd and boring, I know. By the way if you have any suggestions or corrections feel free to let me know, I’m here also for learning. I live in Italy but my mother is from Hungary and even if I always lived here I speak Hungarian and I love Budapest where my grandmother lives. It’s like my second home. I know it’s a little country in the east of Europe not well known but believe me, it’s magical. It’s rich in culture and food, especially sweets (zserbó is my fave). Speaking of treats, I can’t live without tea! I’m very appassionate about it, I try different types and my favourite is the green one, matcha possibly. When I drink tea I often read fantasy books or Agatha Christie’s crimes. Poirot is a sort of idol for me, I really love his intelligence and sensibility. I also adore the tv show, in which David Suchet is the perfect Poirot of all the times in my opinion. Last but not least, I have a curious passion for sea and its creatures, for which I have a degree in Aquaculture. Every time I say that people keep asking me “what?”. Basically it’s a sort of Veterinary Medicine focused on water colture, fish and sea mammal’s physiology, hygiene and diseases. That’s all for today, thank you for reading this and I hope to see you in my next post.

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