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Love sweeties | Gift DIY & Recipe

lunedì 10 febbraio 2014

Another post about Valentine's day! Today I want to share with you 2 very simple recipes that you can use not only in this occasion. Enjoy ^^

Chocolate and puffed rice "cake pops"
Ingredients: 2 Mars and some puffed rice
I melted the 2 chocolate bars and then I added gradually the puffed rice. Then I made some balls and finally put them on a stick. I let them rest for about 45 minutes and that's all! Very simple but delicious

How to share
I put the cake pops in 2 bottles which I decorated with some love labels

Love bars
Ingredients: 100g white chocolate, some cocoa wafers and sugary "balls"
I melted the chocolate and then I dip the wafers in it. I put the wafers on a baking paper and sprinkled them with the sugary balls. Finally, I let them dry form 1 hour. Super yummy ^^

How to share
I put the wafers in a box that I made with cardboard and wrapping paper (as I made for the coupons). Here is the template:

Other box idea:

I hope you like these 2 gift ideas, let me know if you try them and share with me, I would really appreciate :)


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