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Love coupon | Gift DIY

giovedì 6 febbraio 2014

Valentine's day is coming and I though to make a handmade gift. I wanted to make something different this year and I thought: "What if I made some love coupons?". They're super easy to make and the final result is cute and personal. For this project I used:

cardboard (I used in red)
wrapping paper (inspired by Valentine)

First, I chose the shape for my coupons (8x4 cm), then I copied the shape on a red cardboard. I cut the coupons and glued to the wrapping paper (I used some floral paper). I cut again the coupons and I cut a 5x2 cm pieces from the cardboard, I glued them to the coupons then I wrote on them. You can write everything, especially something that your partner would really appreciate. I marked a line 1cm from the edge of the coupons and then made the holes with a needle, because I wanted to pull out the coupons without ruining the package.. For the package, I made a cover, made 2 holes in each coupon and, with a ribbon, put together the coupons. Finished!

Easy to make but very cute and unique! Let me know what do you thing about this gift idea or if you have other ideas! :)


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