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3 manga that I love | Anime and manga

lunedì 13 gennaio 2014

I love reading, especially love stories and I read books and manga and today I want to share with you 3 of my favorite ones.

My favorite manga ever it's Host Club. I started reading it after watching the anime (which is to funny) and I prefer the manga. The main character is Haruhi Fujioka, a Ouran's student, an illustrious school. Haruhi it's a girl who doesn't matter about her appearance and she's always studying. One day, while she's researching a quiet place to studying, she finds the Ouran Host Club, a group of fascinating and handsome boys, "employed" during their free time with the purpose of flirt, entertain and satisfy the student's needs. During this episode, Haruhi breaks a very expensive vase and the boys  offer her to pay the debt working in the club. In fact, they initially think that she's a boy too, and soon they realize that she's not! Anyway, she works in the club as a boy and the manga talks about what happens in the club and about love stories. It's a romantic comedy, super funny and original! I absolute love it.

Another manga that I liked it's "La madonna della ghirlanda". I never heard about it, I found it in comic shop. The main character is Leonora, daughter of a noble fall in misfortune, she's so beautiful and she has silver hair, emerald eyes and she's good in sword fighting. She's forced to marry a young noble but the day of the wedding, she finds that he wants to use her to be the king of Italy: Leonora is drawn in a Leonardo Da Vinci's paint (La madonna della ghirlanda) and there is a legend which tells that only with La madonna della ghirlanda it's possible to find the "emerald sword". Only with this weapon somebody can govern Italy. Leonora wants to know the truth and she escapes wearing man's clothes. On her journey, she meets Falco, an handsome and ambitious king of Napoli, who doesn't know the real identity of Leonora. This story fascinating me because it's set in an old Italy and Leonora has a strong personality.

Finally, "Kiss of rose princess". I can't remember how I found it, but I loved it. It's about Anis Yamamoto, a girl who guard a neckless with a rose pendant. Her father tell her to do not take off the neckless. Anis, even if she tries, doesn't do that but one day a weird bat hit her and the neckless disappears. While she's searching the pendant, she find that she's a dominion united with a pact (rosette) to the rose knights (rhodo knight). Ninufa (the bat) gives her cards that can evoke the four knights, her servants. The story talks about her story, the fact that she wants to know more about the rosette and she will fight mysterious enemies. It's a little bit similar to Host Club, because Anis has handsome servants, but anyway it's original and I liked it.

These are 3 of my favorite manga which are not very famous. Let me know which manga did you read and what's your favorite! :)


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