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Candles: how to make your personal one

martedì 21 gennaio 2014

I think candles can make a very romantic and relaxing atmosphere in a house. Here is a simple way to make your personal one.

What I use:
simple white candle
oil essential (rose, lemongrass, lavender...)
a jar or a container

I use crayon and oil essential because they're oily so they can mix well with the wax of the candle. If you want to use other materials keep in mind this.
First, I secure the fuse with some tape on a stick. If you don't have a fuse, you can take it from the candles that you want to use: break the candle in 2 without breaking the fuse and pull one part of the candle to pull out the fuse or you can take the fuse while you're melting the candle.

In this case, I use 2 simple white candles and melt it in a pot with a hot pink crayon, then I add some drops of rose oil essential. I mix them with a stick and then I pour with a funnel into the jar.

I place the stick on the top of the jar and let the candle rest for 1-2 hours.

 Finally, I decorate the jars with some ribbons.

I think they're so cute and you can even recycle container that you don't use or Yankee Candles' jars.

Let me know if you try this or if you have other ideas! :)


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